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Blue Vase


Giorgos Kokovlis studied graphic design in Athens and cermic in Ar.Co of LisbonHe attended many seminars with international ceramists, especially raku baking and paperkilinHe has participated in many group exhibitions. 

These unique pieces are fired at 1280°C in gas kiln. The clays that are used are stoneware and porcelain and the decoration is hand painted. Chemical formulas are the same all over the world. What varies is the way people see things and the way they approach the material. Much more when this is done by a man with rich cultural backgroundsThis is the distinctive feature of his workthe forms, the colorsthe texture of the materialthe inspiration, but mainly the understanding and assimilation of influences and the search for identity.

Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 21 cm
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