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Angelos Panagiotidis

He held his first exhibition at his studio in 1990 after twenty years of experimenting with all the different metals used in sculpture. He had also dedicated much study to the natural world, particularly the structure and forms of trees, throughout all various stages of their  lives and the various  changes they undergo at different times and in different seasons. His research was conducted with the accuracy of a natural scientist, the passion of the cultivator and the style and taste of the poet. His profound knowledge of his materials, acquired over these many years of study, led him to create  tree sculptures which hardly  seem made by human hand. Now, after a series of exhibitions commencing in 1995, they are not only instantly recognizable but have come to be seen as classic representations of the tree in sculpture…


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Weight 2030 g
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 46 cm
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